We specialize in gels and we carry all brand name gels- OPI, CND Shellac, Japanese Presto LED gels and Bio Sculpture healthy gels. There are over 300 colors to choose from! All our gel services com with lotion application and hot towel wrap.


* Gel Color Manicure $28

* Gel Color Pedicure $32

One choice of gel colors, up to 4 colors mix-match 

* Presto LED Gel Manicure $32 


Bling it out! The hottest nail trends here: Rockstar gel nails! Over 200 glitters to choose from!


* Rockstar Gel Manicure $32

* Rockstar Gel Pedicure  $36

One choice of rockstar glitter colors, up to 3 color mix-match


* Gel Color Rockstar Manicure $33

* Gel Color Rockstar Pedicure $36

   Transparent glitters on top of gel color gives you a different shade of love!


* Rockstar Gradient Gel Manicure (Clear Base)  $32


* Gel Color Manicure + Classic Pedicure Combo $44

   (Presto LED gels are exclusive)

 * Presto LED Gel Manicure + Classic Pedicure Combo $48