Cleanliness, sanitization and sterilization are our top priorities, followed by the widest color selections and nail arts!


We take “clean” so seriously we go ABOVE and BEYOND the California state board’s safety requirements as customer safety always comes first.

To ensure your protection, all our metal implements are clinical-grade sterilized and autoclaved after each service.

We guarantee:

  • All metal implements are sterilized and autoclaved before being used on you
  • All nail files and buffers are 1-time use, then discarded or gifted to you- your choice


As you know pedicure tubs/basins are by far the safest and cleanest for performing pedicures –

at Pastel Nail Lounge we implement our custom made-in-USA ceramic pedicure bowls which are so different from traditional whirlpool or pipefree pedicure systems,

there won’t be any water re-cycling in pipes or any inlet jets nor removable parts which have a chance of causing bacterial growth that can lead to fungus.

How we take “clean” so seriously:

The bowls are thoroughly cleaned via EPA registered hospital-grade barbicide disinfectant which is soaked in the bowl for at least 10 minutes after each usage – we are absolutely committed to your safety so you won’t have to worry about toe fungus, etc.; simply sit back, relax and be glamorous – this is the hottest place to get pampered!